About Christopher Butcher

Chris Butcher is VP Planning at Publitek and is focused on delivering strategic marketing consultancy and insights for deep tech B2B brands.

Personas and journey mapping: The key to impactful deep-tech B2B marketing

Today's B2B buyers have higher expectations for relevant, personalised content that speaks to their specific needs and preferences. Generic marketing simply doesn't cut it anymore in capturing their attention. To truly resonate with audiences, brands need deeper insight into their ideal customers. This requirement means getting to know your personas on a granular level, Read more...

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Market research for technical businesses

Five insights for a successful marcoms campaign When preparing for a new campaign, it is valuable to consider not only what you are trying to achieve but also who you are seeking to influence. There is a characteristic, that many industrial, electronics, and deep tech businesses share, which is a desire to ‘get going’ and Read more...

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5 ways personas can optimise your Tech B2B campaign

In technology marketing, speaking to your customers and prospects as individuals is crucial if you want to cut through the noise. The reason for this is simple...Engineers are humans too with all the quirks and idiosyncrasies of other target groups! Take time to understand the motivations and pain-points of your existing and potential customers Read more...

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