Karen Sharpe

About Karen Sharpe

Karen Sharpe is a Senior Account Manager working for Publitek since 2021. She has worked with advertising agencies for over 9 years and specialised in Paid Social and PPC advertising. During this time she has worked with big technology clients, helping them to develop their Paid Media strategies, improving the performance of their digital campaigns and reaching their KPIs.

How to increase the visibility of your video and reach B2B audiences

Videos have a unique power to convey messages and deliver storytelling, and paid media advertising can help boost the visibility of these videos and help you engage with targeted audiences. Videos are a visual, dynamic and attention-grabbing ad format. Some paid social channels have started to give more visibility to advertisers that promote video Read more...

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Why aren’t more B2B tech companies using paid social media to target their customers?

Paid social media campaigns have traditionally been considered a B2C marketing channel, but at Publitek we think it’s time for B2B tech brands to reap the benefits too. The shifting media landscape demands a change in marketing strategy The rapid growth in digital media and social platforms like LinkedIn, WeChat, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube Read more...

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