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Lee Hibbert is a Senior Content Director at Publitek. An award-winning journalist, editor and content strategist, Lee has more than than 25 years' technical editorial experience. He has led and managed teams across print and digital titles, having been the long-standing editor of the IMechE's flagship publication Professional Engineering.

How IIoT is transforming career opportunities in manufacturing

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is changing the face of modern manufacturing. The combination of networked machines, sensors, connectivity and big data analytics provides engineers with real-time insight that can drive efficiency and reliability improvements across production facilities. Indeed, IIoT has reached a tipping point. Research from global technology leader ABB suggests that 93% of Read more...

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Online, all the time: Six ways to overcome digital fatigue when marketing to engineers.

These are unprecedented times in the business world, with lockdowns in place and many people from engineering businesses spending the majority of their time working from home, many for the first time in their careers. There are no overseas trips, exhibitions, or department meetings; no water-cooler conversations, lunchtimes with colleagues, or after-work drinks. With such Read more...

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Learning new things: how engineering education has responded to the COVID-19 pandemic

How do you learn engineering – traditionally a hands-on subject with a strong element of lab-based content – in a socially-distanced world which is discouraging physical interaction? That is the problematic question being faced by universities all over the world, as they grapple with having to manage profound change resulting from the impact of the Read more...

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Welcome to the world of the virtual engineer

In the race against climate change, we should welcome the era of the ‘virtual engineer’ Immersive technology for product design means engineers will fly less and create more Top-level social and political issues filter down and impact the minutiae of business operations in a multitude of different and often imperceptible ways. New ways of Read more...

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The technological evolution of autonomous vehicles – separating hype from reality

  The automotive sector is betting big on driverless cars. Billions of dollars are being spent globally as companies battle to secure a slice of the so-called ‘passenger economy’, where people swap driving for riding. But the route to full autonomy is proving difficult to navigate. The major players face a range of technological, financial Read more...

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How collaborative robots will usher in the era of Industry 5.0

There’s a contradiction at the heart of manufacturing. On the one hand we are told that increasing automation will lead to higher production rates and improved efficiencies. And yet, at the same time, there’s supposed to be a trend towards mass personalisation, with consumers expecting greater variety of products without a corresponding increase in cost. Read more...

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