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Founded in 1998, Publitek is an integrated B2B marketing agency with unmatched technical expertise and global reach helping innovative technology and engineering companies connect with audiences to change the world. Headquartered in London and with offices Hamburg, Portland and Tokyo, Publitek serves 120 clients across Asia, Europe and North America. Publitek has experienced communications, marketing and data analytics staff in eight countries, including engineers, technologists, journalists and marketers that specialise in developing strategy, creative, content, PR and digital communications for technical audiences.

Secondment at Publitek: building closer work relationships

Inspired by a colleague’s positive experience, Georgie Fitch applied to participate in our secondment program after a year as an Account Executive with Publitek North America. Here’s what she learned during her time on secondment in the UK and Germany. “Building positive working relationships is so important in marketing consultancy,” says Georgie. “My most Read more...

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Publitek Launches Seer, an Advanced Platform for Data-Driven Marketing and Communications

With a focus on marketing and communications performance and analysis, Seer pulls data from multiple sources with the ability to process, analyse and visualise performance and insights instantly Publitek, a B2B technology brand awareness and demand generation agency, has announced the launch of Seer, an advanced data platform that delivers customisable marketing and communications Read more...

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What secondment means at Publitek: experience on the job

The Publitek Secondment Program enables a team member from one of our global locations to spend time in another to learn more about our business, our clients – and themselves. We interviewed Catriona Corrigan, an Account Executive based in the UK, about her experiences of a two-week secondment to our US office in Portland, Read more...

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Celebrating Women in Engineering – Interview

Interview with Dulcie Elliot Happy Women in Engineering Day! We have invited Dulcie Elliot, part of our Publitek team, for a conversation about her experience working in engineering, and the importance of recognising the achievements women have accomplished in this industry. Dulcie Elliot, Content Director What is your current role and the Read more...

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B2B communications agencies Publitek and SAMS Network merge to form electronics powerhouse

Michael Hennen, CEO and owner of SAMS Network (right), and Mark Herten, Managing Director at Publitek GmbH (left), celebrate the completion of the deal. Publitek, a leading communications agency for B2B deep-tech companies, has acquired SAMS Network ("SAMS"), a PR agency brand known primarily in the European embedded computing industry. As part Read more...

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A new way for deep tech brands to measure their PR impact

How to measure the value of media coverage is a question that the PR industry has wrestled with across the years and there are many elements to this problem. Should the circulation numbers of a publication be a consideration and therefore the bigger the number the ‘better’ the coverage? Or, in our world of Read more...

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Content fatigue and how to avoid it

Technical content creation has become a ‘must-have’ for all deep tech businesses, and the responsibility for satisfying the seemingly insatiable demand for content usually falls to the marketing team. Marketing communications specialists find themselves managing multiple content generation projects in the quest to keep websites fresh and channels full of topical content. What often starts Read more...

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Who won the semiconductor industry social media league?

The 7th edition of Publitek’s semiconductor social media report brought to light, as ever, some findings that for those of us involved in semiconductor industry marketing are worth exploring. It’s no accident that the top 3 performing companies – AMD, Qualcomm, and NVIDIA – all have significant B2C profiles and, as a result, follower numbers Read more...

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Can AI write your technical content?

Artificial intelligence (AI) surrounds us all. AI, or more correctly termed machine learning, can be found in many different applications in your home, car, and workplace. Our relationship with machine learning applications started when we began to use voice-operated smartphone assistants like Apple's Siri or Google's Voice but voice recognition is just one example Read more...

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