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Founded in 1998, Publitek is an integrated B2B marketing agency with unmatched technical expertise and global reach helping innovative technology and engineering companies connect with audiences to change the world. Headquartered in London and with offices Hamburg, Portland and Tokyo, Publitek serves 120 clients across Asia, Europe and North America. Publitek has experienced communications, marketing and data analytics staff in eight countries, including engineers, technologists, journalists and marketers that specialise in developing strategy, creative, content, PR and digital communications for technical audiences.

Leveraging channel partner relationships

For most manufacturers, whatever industry they may be in, their channel partners provide an important part of the marketing mix. If we assume ‘channel’ to apply to any sale that isn’t direct, then the size of the channel and its contribution to sales can vary massively. For some companies, almost all of their sales may Read more...

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How to prepare for a media interview

And what happens when the phone goes down? If you have ever been interviewed by a journalist and wondered what happens next, read on... As an ex-journalist with hundreds of hours of telephone interviews under my belt, along with the thousands of published stories that came after those interviews, I feel I’m in a privileged Read more...

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Marketing to Engineers? You might think More like Moore

Gordon Moore Gordon Moore’s is a name that has become synonymous with the development of technology in general and the semiconductor industry in particular. His eponymously named law (as quoted by this technical PR agency innumerable times in the last 20 years) predicted – in 1965 – that the number of transistors per silicon Read more...

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Event horizon: will live marketing remain a feature of your toolkit in 2021?

So it’s here. 2021. A year that arrives with new hope injected by the rollout of Covid vaccines across the world. However, an unrelenting wave of lockdowns and restrictions to quell coronavirus transmission makes it incredibly awkward to predict a clear roadmap for marketing activities. In particular, a challenging set of questions surrounds event participation Read more...

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Should deep tech companies break off their engagement?

Since 2013 Publitek has compiled a bi-annual report that evaluates the social media activities of the world’s top 40 semiconductor companies. We have now released our first-ever report to provide the same insight for companies in the industrial automation sector. Having seen the initial numbers has led me to pose this question: Should deep tech Read more...

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Engineers Without Borders unites calls for educational reform to avert climate disaster

Despite the challenging conditions of 2020, Publitek’s pro-bono support for Engineers Without Borders UK continues and we are always excited and inspired by the amazing work that the organisation is doing. This month, Engineers Without Borders UK joined forces with its sister organisations around the world to call for reform to engineering education and professional Read more...

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Five video marketing ideas for B2B tech companies

According to Hubspot,  85% of businesses are now using video as part of their marketing strategy. Video can be an ideal medium for communicating the complex ideas often associated with new technologies and technical products. Here are a few suggestions on how to get started: 1. A TV series Don’t panic, we don’t mean Read more...

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Tips for developing infographics that engage and amuse

Infographics are a form of data visualization that use graphical representations of information, data, or other eye-catching visual elements to present information quickly and engagingly. For tech B2B marketers, infographics serve many functions because they are popular with engineers who enjoy their often clever, visual way of storytelling. Infographics are a good way to Read more...

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