About Simon Krelle

Simon is the Managing Director of Publitek UK and has worked in the engineering sector for over 30 years, firstly as an Emech design engineer, and then for the past 20 years in B2B deep tech marketing and communications. He is an engineering enthusiast, passionate about how the sector in its many forms, drives innovation and an endless stream of solutions in markets ranging from automotive to remote healthcare.

EVs gain the momentum needed for the drive to mass adoption

(This post was updated on June 14th, 2024) For a range of technical, commercial and practical reasons, the electric vehicle (EV) market is now gaining some serious momentum. After a slow initial start, the brakes are now truly off, and some argue that regardless of government legislation around the banning of selling internal combustion engine Read more...

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Adopting AI in deep tech B2B marketing

The role of AI in the deep tech industry The near and long-term impact of Artificial Intelligence in all walks of life is a topic consistently in the headlines nowadays, and it seems a cause for excitement and worry in equal measure. The potential to assist, improve and expedite previously ‘human-driven’ processes is being Read more...

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Big Tech and Deep Tech – Driving Sustainable Innovation and Invention

Big tech and Industry 4.0, the Fourth Industrial Revolution Over many decades, technology has been a great enabler helping us be more productive and efficient, and arguably making life more fulfilling and enjoyable. But when considering aspects such as environmental impact and sustainability, it has also sometimes been the source of many challenges and Read more...

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Webinar: How to replace the ROI from missing live events

How to prepare for a virtual event Simon Krelle discusses three activities that can help replace live event ROI - digital lead generation, media interviews, and webinars. Who's it for? Marketing professionals. No technical experience required. Speakers Presented by Simon Krelle, Managing Director of Publitek UK. Next steps Read more...

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How to align your marketing communications to the engineers’ design process

Within deep tech B2B industries, design engineers remain key personas due to their influential role in specifying products from component manufacturers and other suppliers. However, the way in which they interact and source information from companies before making a decision has changed dramatically. For instance, 20 years ago it was common for a design engineer Read more...

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Reaching your target audience in a locked-down world

As you are all aware, the sudden and unprecedented impact of COVID-19 on all aspects of our work and private lives has included the cancellation or postponement of all gatherings of more than just a handful of people and, almost overnight, curtailed international travel. This has meant that the big trade shows, long-established as Read more...

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