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Die B2B-Agentur, die technisch und kreativ ist

Einfach in der Zusammenarbeit. Hervorragende Ergebnisse. Lokal oder global.

Was können wir für Sie tun?

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Wer wir sind

Publitek ist eine B2B-Agentur für Technologie-Marketing, die mit über 120 Kunden auf der ganzen Welt zusammenarbeitet, viele davon in hoch technisierten Märkten.

Wir entwickeln integrierte Marketing- und PR-Kampagnen, die auf gut durchdachten Strategien, kreativen Fachinhalten und kosteneffizienter Verbreitung unter Nutzung einer optimalen Mischung der Kanäle basieren. Wir messen und analysieren den gesamten Prozess, um die Ergebnisse zu optimieren.

Unser 85-köpfiges Team spricht 18 Sprachen und ist in acht Ländern in Asien, Europa und Nordamerika vertreten. Dies ermöglicht es uns, effizienten globalen oder großartigen lokalen Service anzubieten.

Was uns unterscheidet

Die Publitek-Gründer und das Content-Team sind Ingenieure oder Technik-Journalisten, was bedeutet, dass wir die Käufer technologischer Produkte wirklich verstehen.

Wir wissen, was sie schätzen, wie sie Produkte und Dienstleistungen finden und welcher Ton und Inhalt sie beeinflusst und inspiriert. Wir werden auch Ihr Unternehmen schnell verstehen, was die Zusammenarbeit mit uns einfach und effizient macht.

Unser technisches Team wird durch kreative Marketing- und PR-Spezialisten ergänzt, die sehr effektive Kampagnen entwickeln, einschließlich der anspruchsvollen technischen Inhalte, die andere Agenturen oft vor Probleme stellen

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Neuigkeiten und Tipps

Why we should thank Georg for Electronica

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I'm traveling today by train from my Wiltshire home near Bradford-on-Avon, England, to the thriving Bavarian City of Munich in the south of Germany. I'm on my way to the world's largest electronics trade show for [...]

Discipline, competence and results are the three things that have struck me the most about working with Kerry and the team… they are also incredibly fun to work with – really have enjoyed not only our results but also the day-to-day process of achieving them.

Scott Allen, Strategic Relationship Manager, Intel

In partnering with Publitek our business continues to be successful and advance in our goals. Publitek ensures a high quality of work, thoughtful strategy and superior customer service and relationships. They make progress easy and fun. Onwards and upwards in our efforts!

Meredith DeLeon, Director, Global Creative Services, National Instruments

We really enjoy working with Sylvia and the team. It’s a proactive and creative agency which has skilled and knowledgeable writers who know their subject matter inside out. We’ve been really impressed with their professionalism and level of service.

Lia Banton, Marketing Manager N.Europe, Internet of Things, Vodafone

They are always looking ahead to develop a proactive strategy – constantly evaluating how to add value to the program. I love that they bring new ideas to the table.

Prabha Ganapathy, Marketing Strategist, Intel
A great team of people who do fantastic job!
I am really impressed.
Junko Yoshida, Chief International Correspondent, EE Times
Sound, in-depth technical articles, well-organised events and a serious understanding of our business – topped off with highest quality of service. This is what editors may expect from working with Publitek. Thank you Publitek, your valuable services are very much appreciated!
Dr Matthias Laasch, Chief Editor, Elektronik Informationen
Publitek completely understands the topics and themes that resonate with our target audience, and as a result they have produced captivating content that has really elevated our brand to the right people. We know we can rely on them to inspire our customers with informative subject matter but most importantly, they know precisely which channels will obtain the best results.
Natacha Seitz, Senior Professional PR, Marketing Communications, u-blox
A full-service PR agency is only as good as the relationships it maintains with the press. Publitek excels in this respect, amplifying Silicon Labs’ news, editorial content and thought leadership to the foremost technical editors and journalists in Europe. When I need that important interview or article placement, I can count on Publitek to come through. As the agency of record for Silicon Labs for more than a decade, Publitek has held to a high standard of professional excellence and integrity. I have worked closely with the Publitek team for more than six of those years and count them as among the best in the high-tech PR industry.
Dale Weisman, Global PR Manager, Silicon Labs
Diodes and Publitek have worked in partnership together now for a number of years. We consider Publitek as a highly valuable member of the Diodes team, providing us with impeccable media relations support. The worldwide Publitek team are second to none in the service and support they provide.
Rishi Vig, European Marketing Communications Manager, Diodes Incorporated