Werden Industriemessen 2021 zu „Virtual-Realtiy-Shows“?

2020 hat das Messeland Deutschland hart getroffen. Im Gespräch zu Industriemessen im Rahmen meines Podcasts bestätigte mir die Messeexpertin Sylvia Kanitz vom Verband der deutschen Messewirtschaft (AUMA), dass sie in all den Jahrzehnten ihrer Tätigkeit eine derartige Disruption noch nicht erlebt habe. Insgesamt wurden laut Auma mehr als 70 % aller für das Jahr 2020 [...]

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Sollten Deep-Tech-Unternehmen aufhören, Social-Media-Performance in „Engagement“ zu messen?

Seit 2013 erstellt Publitek alle zwei Jahre einen Report, in dem die Social-Media-Aktivitäten der 40 weltweit führenden Halbleiterunternehmen analysiert und evaluiert werden. Jetzt haben wir zum ersten Mal nach demselben Muster einen Report für Unternehmen aus dem Bereich „industrielle Automatisierung“ veröffentlicht, um auch diesen Unternehmen Zugang zu derartigen Performance-Daten zu ermöglichen. Die ersten Zahlen, [...]

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Revealed: how to boost ROI by over 10X in digital, B2B electronics trade media advertising

With an analysis of 2,913 trade media campaigns placed with 180 media outlets across Asia, Europe and North America, Publitek’s latest independent research report demonstrates exactly what works and what doesn’t when it comes to digital advertising in B2B electronics media. When you’re trying to reach engineering audiences, the results could enable you to drive [...]

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How to succeed in tech B2B marketing communications and PR

Drives, motors, chips, semiconductors, power supplies… the devices and applications that exist outside the shiny sphere of consumer technology are of limited interest to most people. Deep tech is not sexy, it is rarely visible, and unless it’s your bread and butter, of limited interest. That’s why the scope of a specialist technical B2B communications [...]

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How collaborative robots will usher in the era of Industry 5.0

There’s a contradiction at the heart of manufacturing. On the one hand we are told that increasing automation will lead to higher production rates and improved efficiencies. And yet, at the same time, there’s supposed to be a trend towards mass personalisation, with consumers expecting greater variety of products without a corresponding increase in cost. [...]

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Five lessons learned about B2B tech media coverage from trade shows

Electronica, the world’s biggest electronics trade show, starts today in Munich. With 3683 exhibitors set to attend spread across the halls, plus nearly 300 journalists already registered and (what feels like) countless extra visitors what should your press strategy be? To answer this we’ve analysed coverage and Google search data for a handful of the [...]

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Why we should thank Georg for Electronica

I'm traveling today by train from my Wiltshire home near Bradford-on-Avon, England, to the thriving Bavarian City of Munich in the south of Germany. I'm on my way to the world's largest electronics trade show for engineers, Electronica, and I can't help but reflect that the event may not be taking place but for the efforts [...]

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Democratising data: how low-cost sensors are delivering IIoT for all

There is little doubt that the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has moved from the margins to the mainstream. At this month’s Maintec asset management show in Birmingham, there were numerous examples of how digitalisation is now being applied across a wide range of sectors, and in ever-more imaginative ways. Visitors heard how the use [...]

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How to structure your tech blog for search engines

Google gets smarter every year and is constantly updating its algorithms. It’s constantly trying to improve search results in order to show users the most relevant, useful information. In recent years, this has meant moving towards topic-based results rather than focusing on keywords. For example, if someone searches for a specific question that’s related to [...]

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