Should you choose a generalist or sector specialist as your electronics PR or marketing agency?

The best electronics PR and marketing agencies take time to get to understand your business. If your agency employs experts who understand the sector and have worked in the industry they are going to have a real advantage. There is no doubt any good PR agency can, with proper research, get to grips with the communication needs of most businesses. These generalists are able to define a problem and develop a PR strategy but without specialist expertise they will struggle to solve it. Their knowledge may the depth required, particularly for deep-tech subjects such as electronic engineering.

With an agency that understands your industry, knows the jargon and subject terminology you can relax and trust them to do a professional job without having to check every decision they make and every line of every bit of copy they write. They will have already established relationships with the movers and shakers, be familiar with relevant industry events and will ultimately save you a lot of time and money thanks to an understanding of what works and what doesn’t in technology, engineering and electronics PR. The generalists can often deliver stunning pitches and boast offices on every continent but if you have to spend most of your time correcting copy, or paying for their vast overheads, what real value are you getting?

A quick look at Publitek’s business page on LinkedIn reveals the industrial and commercial past of several employees with experience in engineering, electrical engineering and electronics. Many have engineering or electronics degrees and have worked for the biggest electronics and engineering firms in the sector.

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