How we make your marketing budget work harder

Our approach to integrated marketing communications breaks down the barriers and silos between communications disciplines and channels. We extract maximum value from every piece of search-optimized content and ensure that it’s driven through every relevant channel in the most cost-effective way.

Why shouldn’t your next white paper become a presentation, a video and a series of articles and blog posts? And why wouldn’t you extract every picture, name it for search and make it accessible to your audiences? We call this approach optimized content marketing. It makes your budget work harder because it delivers your messages most effectively to your audiences. And it means that you’re easier to find in search too, wherever they look.

Account based marketing (ABM)

Account based marketing is most appropriate where you want to develop business relationships with a narrowly-defined set of prospects. These often operate in niche vertical markets where more broadly-based marketing communications techniques are too wasteful to be cost-effective. Sometimes, these prospects have similar profiles to those of your existing customers. In other circumstances, ABM may be applied when entering new markets. In an Information Technology Services Marketing Association survey, 84% of respondents stated that account-based marketing delivers higher ROI than other types of marketing.

Once again, Publitek’s specialist knowledge of technology and deeply-technical markets can help you intelligently research and identify the companies and individuals that you need to target. At the same time, we determine the most effective channels through which to reach these individuals and the kinds of personalized content that will most appeal to them.

Successful ABM requires close collaboration with sales teams and when done well, it produces measurable outcomes that can be closely linked and measured in terms of sales success.

ABM concentrates sales and marketing resources on a clearly defined set of target accounts.

Marketo, Marketing Automation Company

Advertising creative

Advertising is simply salesmanship multiplied – on the page, on a website or in an e-newsletter.

Of course, David Ogilvy’s famous quote, “If it doesn’t sell, it’s not creative”, referred to print advertising, and so much of today’s work is digital. You have just a handful of words in a banner advertisement to capture your audience’s attention. What was once the body text of a print advertisement is now found on your website’s  landing page. Here, great copywriting has a powerful role to play in carrying your prospects through their buying journey.

At Publitek, you’ll find expert advertising creative skills, complemented by decades of experience and data that reveals what works and what doesn’t. And if your audience includes highly technical individuals, we speak their language too.

If it doesn’t sell, it’s not creative.

David Ogilvy, Advertising Guru

Delivering sales-ready leads and a $5B pipeline for ON Semiconductor

A global, integrated lead-nurturing program uses awesome response rates to build $5B pipeline.

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Content is at the heart of B2B communications in technology markets.

The Publitek team creates over two million words of search-optimized written content each year, ranging from creative storytelling in blog posts to deeply technical e-books and white papers for engineering audiences. We also produce videos, animations, graphics and infographics, PowerPoint presentations and more.

We work to extract maximum communications value from every piece of content by repurposing it and ensuring it’s optimized for inbound marketing. We then drive it through every other relevant channel in the most cost-effective way.

Content is anything that adds value to the reader’s life.

Avinash Kaushik, Entrepreneur and Author

Using content marketing to build brand awareness in the robotic components market

A guide to the history, technology and trends in the robotics space

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From webinars to press conferences and sales meetings to exhibitions, Publitek’s dedicated team will ensure that your events have clearly defined goals and that they are productive, exciting, memorable and successful.

For delegates, we’ll help you guarantee that your content is relevant and interesting. And by understanding what matters to your audiences, we’ll market your events through the most effective channels.

Publitek’s integrated approach takes the effort and risk out of event planning and execution, leaving you free to relax and enjoy the show.

Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.

Paul J. Meyer, Founder of the Success Motivation Institute

Marketing automation

Email marketing is still one of the most powerful techniques for both lead generation and lead nurturing. When coupled with marketing automation tools and techniques, it enables personalization at scale, dramatically reducing the cost of creating business opportunities from both existing and new customers.

By delivery the right content, to the right people at the right times, marketing automation builds relationships that in turn build trust, and trust is the foundation of revenue generation.

Publitek makes marketing automation easy to do. Whether you’re implementing campaigns using simple tools like MailChimp or more comprehensive ones such as HubSpot, we have the skills and experience to help you develop successful strategies, create compelling content and produce results measured directly in terms of revenue growth. Incidentally, Publitek is a HubSpot Certified Agency Partner.

The new information technology, Internet and e-mail, have practically eliminated the physical costs of communications.

Peter F. Drucker, Management Consultant, Educator and Author

Media and influencer relations

Pubitek has long-established, professional relationships with the leading B2B journalists, bloggers, analysts and other influencers in deep-tech markets in Asia, Europe and North America. With over 120 technology clients, we’re in contact with the influencers you need to reach every day. They call us frequently, knowing they can rely on a fast, knowledgeable response to their requests for information.

Just like the content we produce for our clients’ web sites, our earned media content – everything from press releases to thought leadership articles – is optimized for search, encourages engagement and includes calls-to-action. We boost the value of this work through integrating it effectively with social media channels and campaigns.

Underpinning every media and influencer campaign is an advanced, proprietary database, called Tekbase. It’s a powerful tool that lists every influential technology editor, journalist and analyst, details their specialist beats and enables instant keyword searches for over 6,000 editorial features and events. It means that you never miss delivering your message to the right audience through the right channel at the right time.

What’s more, we’ve developed extensive experience in aligning trade PR campaigns with investor relations and corporate communications programs to build our clients’ brands consistently at every level, from the boardroom to the engineer’s workbench.

In summary, our B2B tech media relations work is part of a fully integrated, search engine optimized, content marketing service that breaks down traditional channel silos to deliver exceptional results and value-for-money.

The key to effective use of influencers is their ability to cause behavior.

 Jay Baer, Business Strategist and Author

Acting fast to deliver influencer relations to support breaking news

A full-bore, one-month sprint to drive positive press coverage and analyst support for new funding.

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Media planning and buying

Understanding how to extract best value and maximizing return-on-investment are at the heart of our media planning and buying services. From Google Adwords pay-per-click (PPC) management to global B2B trade media and programmatic advertising campaigns, we measure and analyze every step of the way, tuning campaigns for maximum effectiveness along the way.

We handle content localization, hosting, and delivery of that content to the media outlets. Details of your campaigns are instantly accessible online, complete with performance analytics, and we customize our reporting to your requirements.

For conventional advertising, we handle all the media calls and emails, saving you time and effort, and a single monthly invoice for each campaign cuts your admin workload.

Of course, we do all of this with an open-book pricing policy: we work together to secure the best deals. A proprietary ‘block buy’ process, where we negotiate a package of services against specific objectives with publishers, potentially improves ROI by a further 25%.

The data that we analyze from earlier campaigns is also invaluable in ensuring that our recommendations result in optimum performance and superior ROI. And we leverage our collective purchasing power to secure Publitek agency rates that deliver exceptional value.

In summary, our service is a time- and cost-saving one-stop-shop that really delivers results.

Marketers have a tendency to value what they measure, rather than measuring what they value.


Delivering sales-ready leads and a $5B pipeline for ON Semiconductor

A global, integrated lead-nurturing program uses awesome response rates to build $5B pipeline.

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Social media

Publitek’s social media services focus exclusively on developing strategies that support marketing objectives. That means creating meaningful business conversations with audiences, not simply attracting followers.

Organic social media marketing includes building communities on the most popular social platforms or on client-owned websites. Sometimes we’re using social media to amplify messages that are relevant to broad audiences. At other times, we use it to home in on tightly defined audiences in highly specialist, niche markets. The latter may be part of an account based marketing (ABM) campaign.

Persona management is another key aspect of our work. For example, we manage the LinkedIn and Twitter accounts not only for companies but for a number of senior executives, helping them communicate effectively within their networks while allowing them to focus on other priorities.

We also manage paid advertising in social media, helping our clients develop appropriate content, conducting research, managing campaigns and providing detailed analytics that help us continually adapt for best results.

As with all the work we do, a deep understanding of B2B tech specifiers and buyers, and particularly those in technical markets, helps us identify, create and share the most interesting and relevant content with followers.

The end goal is action, not eyeballs.

Jay Baer, Business Strategist and Author

Social Media influencer programs deliver business results that map to ROI

Our social media persona program with hub-and-spoke content strategy made him a key influencer on Twitter.

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Educating executives in how to handle media interviews is the most popular form of training we deliver. The courses are customized for each of our clients and delivered by ex-journalists with decades of experience in the B2B tech sector.

We also deliver training in crisis communication, in marketing communications strategy and planning, and in the broader fundamentals of marketing and PR.

The beautiful thing about learning is that nobody can take it away from you.

B.B. King, Musician


Webinars are a core part of e-learning and are particularly cost-effective for delivering educational content to geographically dispersed audiences. They offer the next best thing to a face-to-face meeting in terms of audience engagement and they are increasingly popular in B2B tech marketing. Here, complex technologies often need to be explained and the interactive Q&A sessions at the end of webinars enable delegates to have their specific questions answered.

Publitek’s webinar services include content development, promoting the webinar, setting up the preferred platform, moderating the event and following up with participants to create ongoing engagement.

We’re also adept at repurposing webinar content and delivering it through the many other relevant channels to maximize your return on investment in content.

Don’t market to your customers; educate them instead.

William Craig, Forbes Contributor