As an industrial marketing agency, we understand how to market to engineers.

Being a successful industrial marketing agency, on a global scale, takes a wide range of different skills and knowledge.

First, you need to understand the market itself both from an application point of view and also from the point of view of the business selling into the market.

Then you need to understand the technology, which demands a qualification in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering or civil engineering.

Then you have to have a flexible approach to culture and language and you’ll definitely need to put together an international team.

Plus, the global media landscape means you’ll need to have lots of journalist contacts so that you can pitch them news and articles regularly and with a high percentage of success.

You’ll also need to be able to create content at varying levels of technical depth and in lots of different ways.

You’ll need to understand marketing – in all its forms – to a high degree and have lots of experience of designing and implementing marketing communications campaigns for industrial business across a whole range of sectors.

Finally, you’ll need to be able to capture the results of your campaigns in real-time, analyze the results and report them in easy-to-understand formats.

The industrial automation marketing agency

Pumps, motors, soft starters, electric drives, switchgear, compressors, bearings, actuators, batteries, and sensors – these are among the technologies we deal with every day in applications as diverse as the water industry, the food processing industry, the renewable energy sector, rail and transport, construction, telecommunications, data centers.

We understand how to market to engineers

There is no substitute for genuine engineering knowledge to truly understand the products and technologies we communicate on. Our engineers work with the engineers of our clients in order to capture the technical details which are needed to differentiate in a crowded global marketplace.

Culture and language

Our clients, their products, and their markets are global and so are we. Our team speaks approaching 20 languages among them have lived and worked in countries outside of the UK. Indeed we have offices in the UK, USA, Germany and Japan and sister agencies in many other countries in the world. Where needed we like to deliver ‘on the ground’ while making central co-ordination and communication simple.

The industrial trade media

Journalists are funny creatures. They like their information delivered to them in a certain way, at a certain time in a certain format. If you don’t know these rules and meet them then you are unlikely to succeed. Also, industrial journalists are different to find as many media databases don’t even list these niche publications. We have our own unique database of these journalists which has been curated for the past 20 years (some of them do stay in a post that long). We know who is who and what they like.

Technical content marketing for engineers

Any writer worth their salt can write a decent press release or a blog or a web page about a simple consumer product. But, the task gets much more complex if that press release is aimed to engage technical journalists and multiply that by 100 if you are actually tasked with writing an article or even a whitepaper about a new pump design or medium voltage switchgear or an explosion-proof motor that will be presented straight to engineers. We have a range of experienced writers and video scriptwriters and creatives who create content all the time for consumption by different types of people with different types of technical understanding.

Marketing to industrial engineers

There is a dizzying array of ways in which engineering businesses can market to engineers. To successfully run campaigns you need to understand not only the latest marketing theory and increasingly the technology, the mar-tech, but you also need to understand the quirks of your audience.

Reporting and data to identify what works, and what doesn’t

We know that our marketing budgets are being spent in the right areas and have the right effect. Our real-time dashboards present every aspect of a marketing campaign to our clients so they can interrogate it to their hearts’ content. We are experienced in marketing for deep technology businesses but we don’t claim to know everything. If we need to pivot a campaign we want to know fast and our data and reporting capability help us to do this with the client.

Industrial marketing agency