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The importance of storytelling for B2B tech brands

If you’re trying to build a tech brand, storytelling needs to play a part in your marketing strategy. This industry is a hugely competitive one, and standing out is near impossible without it; your brand’s story really matters. A lot of B2B companies don’t bother with this because they think it’s something that’s only important [...]

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The state of US electronics trade and tech media – a snapshot

Every now and then, I take a look at the media landscape for clients that want to communicate with electronics design engineers, particularly hardware engineers that specify or buy components and sub-assemblies. Anyone working in B2B technical marketing will know that this landscape is evolving. Companies are publishing more of their own material in website [...]

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How to use SEO and mind mapping to boost PR campaigns

As PR practitioners we must never underestimate the value of integrating SEO when managing content, editorial placements and campaign evaluation for B2B marketing communications. Nayl D’Souza explains how PR can be successfully navigated using SEO and content mind mapping Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the practice of improving the visibility of website content, is just one [...]

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The technological evolution of autonomous vehicles – separating hype from reality

  The automotive sector is betting big on driverless cars. Billions of dollars are being spent globally as companies battle to secure a slice of the so-called ‘passenger economy’, where people swap driving for riding. But the route to full autonomy is proving difficult to navigate. The major players face a range of technological, financial [...]

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Five video marketing ideas for B2B tech companies

According to Hubspot,  87% of businesses are now using video as part of their marketing strategy. It’s understandable, when you consider that the average person spends 1.5 hours watching videos every day. And video can be an ideal medium for communicating the complex ideas often associated with new technologies and technical products. Here are a [...]

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Publitek sponsors the Bessemer Society to help technology entrepreneurs tell their stories

Publitek is now sponsoring the Bessemer Society, “a forum and mutual society formed of ‘serial’ CEOs, founders and entrepreneurs who are committed to creating successful new companies based on technological innovation in the fields of science and technology.” Publitek will help communicate the Society’s ethos, ambitions and achievements to like-minded individuals throughout the UK and beyond. [...]

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Datateam appoints two new editors for flagship titles

Christian Lynn has been appointed editor of Electronics, replacing Michelle Winny, who had been at the helm of the UK-based trade magazine for over 10 years. Before joining Datateam Business Media, Christian gained editorial experience with a few London-based magazines, following his graduation from Queen Mary University of London with a first-class honours degree in [...]

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Revealed: how to boost ROI by over 10X in digital, B2B electronics trade media advertising

With an analysis of 2,913 trade media campaigns placed with 180 media outlets across Asia, Europe and North America, Publitek’s latest independent research report demonstrates exactly what works and what doesn’t when it comes to digital advertising in B2B electronics media. When you’re trying to reach engineering audiences, the results could enable you to drive [...]

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How to succeed in tech B2B marketing communications and PR

Drives, motors, chips, semiconductors, power supplies… the devices and applications that exist outside the shiny sphere of consumer technology are of limited interest to most people. Deep tech is not sexy, it is rarely visible, and unless it’s your bread and butter, of limited interest. That’s why the scope of a specialist technical B2B communications [...]

By |2019-02-25T14:53:45+00:00February 25th, 2019| moves into new website, Electronics Notes, the UK-based website, is now being incorporated into a new site called Electronics Notes. The new site has established itself as a popular electronics industry publication for providing information on electronic components, technologies and techniques for electronics engineers, makers and students. This change has been brought about by the semi-retirement of editor and owner [...]

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