The Vital Role of Women in Engineering

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Every year on June 23rd, we celebrate International Women in Engineering Day (INWED). It’s a day to recognize women engineers and empower them to amplify their contributions. When women engineers have access to the resources and support they need, they can reach their full potential, lead groundbreaking projects, inspire future generations, and become role models who shatter stereotypes.

How IIoT is transforming career opportunities in manufacturing

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The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is changing the face of modern manufacturing. The combination of networked machines, sensors, connectivity and big data analytics provides engineers with real-time insight that can drive efficiency and reliability improvements across production facilities. Indeed, IIoT has reached a tipping point. Research from global technology leader ABB suggests that 93% of Read more...

How to increase the visibility of your video and reach B2B audiences

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Videos have a unique power to convey messages and deliver storytelling, and paid media advertising can help boost the visibility of these videos and help you engage with targeted audiences. Videos are a visual, dynamic and attention-grabbing ad format. Some paid social channels have started to give more visibility to advertisers that promote video Read more...

How to build meaningful connections through face-to-face press relations

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It is undeniable that the way people communicate has changed. That was never more apparent than during the global COVID-19 pandemic when forced lockdowns and the requirement to move to digital relationships were thrust upon us. Since we’ve come out of this extended period of enforced virtual meetings, virtual happy hours and virtual connections, Read more...

The shift of the trade media landscape and what it means for the future of PR

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Over the last few years, the trade media landscape has undergone substantial changes due to digital technology's vast development, social media and evolving buyer habits. Consequently, a transformation is being witnessed by industry-specific outlets and trade publications with far-reaching consequences for the public relations (PR) industry. The traditional trade media landscape In the past, Read more...