According to figures from Vertriebsunion Meynen in their mediaSkop report, advertising revenue in printed B2B electronics media in Germany grew 9.2% in calendar 2010 over the same period in 2009. Pagination was up 5.8% to a total of 3,583 pages. In terms of market share by volume, E&E – Faszination Elektronik showed the highest growth with 27.1% more pages taking its total to 300 pages and propelling the publication into 4th place in the rankings. However, WEKA’s Markt & Technik dominated the market with 29% market share and pagination up 9.9%, and the publisher’s leading technical publication, Elektronik, grew 7.6% to take a 21% share. ElektronikPraxis followed closely at 20% market share, but this represented a decline of 3.2% in the number of pages booked, according to the report. Other gainers were Elektronik Journal, up 3.9%, and Elektronik Informationen, up 8.2%.