Blogging is a great way to drive traffic to your website, engage your customers and establish you as an authority within your market. But it’s not always easy coming up with fresh content. So here are three simple ways to squeeze a little bit more value out of those old posts:

Revisit popular posts
Regularly check your blog’s Google Analytics to keep track of which posts have been viewed the most. Pick the best ones and add an update or a new call to action to encourage readers.

Link to old posts in your newsletter
Referring to a post in your email newsletter is a great way to introduce a different type of reader to your blog. You might have people in your email database who are unaware you even have a blog. Drop a link in with a subtle teaser – you might just gain some new readers.

Answer questions with an old post
Do you receive emails or read forums where people are asking questions about your market? Consider answering by point to a blog post you’ve previously written on the topic. And if you’ve not written on that topic before, you’ve just been given a new idea!

Do you reuse your old blog posts? How do you attract new readers to your blog?