Most businesses have a ‘gut feeling’ that they should be engaging in social media, but many have yet to find a way to actually make it work for them.

A guest article by Pinnacle Director, Simon Flatt was recently published on the online business resource, Fresh Business, and this lays out the five fundamental elements to creating and executing a successful social media campaign.

Here are the key points from the article:

Make it strategic. Any social media activity should be linked to overall business objectives and budgets should be allocated in the same way as any other investment.

Two way communication. Don’t treat social media as another broadcast medium. Take advantage of the opportunity to engage with customers in a meaningful way.

Know what the customers want to hear. To successfully engage with customers, a company must first understand what the conversation needs to be about.

Content is king. A sustained generation of quality content is fundamental. A company should make a commitment to regularly creating and publishing content – either using a dedicated in-house resource or by outsourcing to a specialist who has the time.

Listen and respond to the conversations. Monitoring conversations on a variety of social media platforms is essential for listening to what is being said and being able to respond accordingly. 

Read the full article at Fresh Business or share your tips for successfully managing a social media campaign in the comments section below.