It’s true; the laser celebrates its 50th birthday this year. Surprisingly many people are unaware that LASER is an acronym for –Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Words like laser and radar have so embedded themselves in our lexicon that their origins are all but forgotten until we are given a timely reminder.

In our jargon laden industry of ASIC, LEDs, FIFO and MIMO, it is important that we remain aware of the roots of these words, the functions that brought them into use in the first place, so that we are able to celebrate the advances these technologies make and give a nod to those who gave birth to these ideas in the beginning.

It might be tricky to navigate the field with all this jargon floating about, so who better to team up with than an electronics technology PR agency that is already familiar with the terminology and who understands its context and relevance?