Following on from our first post last week, here are 3 more ideas to use on your website.

Less is more. On average you have around 3 seconds to capture the attention of a website visitor. Don’t waste that time by distracting them with unnecessary clutter. Be focused and concise with your content and give the page ‘room to breathe’ using white space. It will make it easier to read and you are more likely to get your message across during those all-important 3 seconds. 

Use social proof. People like following the crowd. It makes them feel comfortable. So when it comes to making a buying decision, the actions and opinions of others can be a great influencer. Take advantage of this by adding some testimonials to your website or perhaps even some social media widgets. Showing how many Facebook Fans have ‘Liked’ your page, for instance, can be an extremely effective conversion tool.

Make it easy for people to contact you. Visitors shouldn’t have to work hard to find your contact details and get in touch. Make sure you clearly display your telephone number and email address across your whole website. If you have a contact form, don’t ask for any more information than you absolutely need.  Nobody wants to give their life story just to make an enquiry! 

Did you try these tips? Did they work? Maybe you have some conversion tips of your own to share?

Post your comments below.