In order to promote its 32-bit microcontroller, the XMC1000, Infineon created two distinct styles of video and posted them to YouTube: a traditional talking head explanation of the benefits, and a somewhat less conventional one. (Neither of these were created with Publitek’s involvement!)

At the time of writing, the talking head version has just 6.5% of the number of views compared to the “MTV” version. But does the MTV style video work? It has certainly garnered a lot more views than any other video relating to the XMC1000 – presumably due to sharing across social media channels, if only for a laugh.

But does it really work in driving traffic – either through clicking on the link in the video description, or through the SEO benefits of having a popular video? And what does the “MTV” style video say about the Infineon brand?

In short, is it creative or just crass? Cast your vote! Edit: this poll has now closed!