Publitek Media News has been poring over the newly announced circulation figures from ABC, a UK based organisation that “independently verifies and reports on media performance, providing a major trading currency for media owners and buyers across print, events, digital and evolving platforms.”

In reality, the data is most useful in helping magazines to evaluate their cost for advertising space.

The list doesn’t give a complete picture for the UK; only 28 titles come up under a search for the word “electronic”. EE Times’ UK edition, EPN and Electronics weekly not listed;

[UPDATE] we understand all of these are audited by BPA instead.

The majority of the ABC titles have high controlled circulation figures, meaning copies have been requested. Electronics World also has nearly a quarter of its readership paying full price to receive the publication.

Some key titles with ABC listed circulation figures can be seen below. These don’t take into account web traffic, however.

EPD: 18,418

Electronics: 16,993

New Electronics: 16,387

Components in Electronics: 14,000

Electronics World: 8,923

Electronics Sourcing: 8,174