Despite the weather it was a weekend of celebration here at Pinnacle as last week’s  PR Week Top 40 Technology Consultancy rankings saw the agency enter the Top 10. And, with the top nine consultancies generally focusing on the consumer side of tech we can, again, justify our claim to be Europe’s largest technology marketing agency for business-to-business electronic and industrial engineering companies.

Putting aside the Dizzy Gillespie impression for a second, it is interesting to look at what is behind the growth that helped Pinnacle move up the rankings as it helps to understand how marketing communications for technology companies is evolving.

One of the biggest changes has been the growth of ‘digital’ activity – whether it’s securing online earned and owned media coverage, managing search engine optimisation campaigns or, increasingly, supporting clients with focused social media strategies. We’ve had particular success in this area because all of these activities need to be built on solid, technically relevant content that is of interest to an engineering audience.

The creation of such content has been a key element of Pinnacle’s service offering from Day One, which is why we employ engineers, ex-technology journalists and, more recently,  specialists with in-depth experience of social media and digital services for engineering companies. Because of this we have been well-positioned to help clients take advantage of a wide range of online opportunities, with the result that our digital business grew by 37% last year.

The other important driving factor is increased demand for multi-region services. Today’s engineering companies want agencies that can support them in multiple countries – preferably with minimum, incremental costs. Pinnacle’s model for international campaigns allows us to deliver significantly better results at much lower costs than either ‘traditional’ agency networks or expensive ‘global’ agencies that may have local offices but don’t have the in-depth technology, application and market knowledge that is essential for campaigns targeting engineers and technical managers.

Finally we should acknowledge the importance of client relationships.  Cliché though it may be, our success is built on their success and Pinnacle’s entry into the PR Week Top 10 can be directly attributed to strong relationships that are based on trust, delivery and the ability to minimise the overhead on internal client teams. That’s why one of our favourite phrases is that we  ‘do a lot with a little’ – which makes us a little bit like Mr Gillespie and his trumpet…