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YouTube, a Must For SEO Efforts

First, don’t try to get fancy with embedding videos on your website, which in turn, needs some proprietary system that only works with your website’s CMS, use YouTube.  YouTube is now the second largest search engine in the world, with over 2 billion searches each and every day, and YouTube provides the HTML code that Read more...

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PR is more than tactics, Innovation is Key!

What sets a lot of PR agencies apart is their ability to be creative, no matter what their industry or if their focus is on B2B, B2C, technology or consumer markets.  Almost any agency can dig around in a ‘PR tool box’ and find a myriad of tactics, throw them together and do a fairly Read more...

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Are Niche Social Networks The Future?

One future direction often predicted for social media is an eventual move away from catch-all social networks to niche networks that cater for our personal groups or interests. But what will this mean for businesses using social media to market their products and services? With Facebook, Twitter and Google+ - the 'Big 3' - the Read more...

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3 Ways To Re-use Old Blog Posts

Blogging is a great way to drive traffic to your website, engage your customers and establish you as an authority within your market. But it’s not always easy coming up with fresh content. So here are three simple ways to squeeze a little bit more value out of those old posts: Revisit popular posts Regularly check Read more...

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To Follow Or Not To Follow?

Last week, discussions with two industrial B2B clients veered on to the use of social media, specifically Twitter. And the question our clients asked – how do we get more followers?

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Who Says Engineers Don’t Do Social Media?

“Engineers don’t do social media.” That’s a phrase we hear a lot and frankly, we just don’t buy it. Far from being the unsociable, lacking in basic communication skills-type geeks that the design engineering community is often labelled as, we think that this group of people were actually one of the early pioneers of social Read more...

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5 Typos That Really Annoy Us…

As a busy marketing agency, we spend a fair amount of time reading blogs, engaging in online conversations and reviewing all kinds of content. We’re used to being surrounded by text every day, yet the number of spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and all kinds of crazy formatting that we see never ceases to annoy (or Read more...

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Google Analytics Releases Global Data – What Does It Reveal?

As a key analytics tool for many businesses & marketers, it’s always worth paying attention to the latest stats from Google Analytics. And for the first time, Google has released analytics data collected over the last two years from hundreds of thousands of websites who opted in to share this information anonymously. The findings reveal Read more...

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