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Andrew is an Account Director at Publitek where he provides guidance for, and implements campaigns on behalf of, a wide range of technology companies. He previously worked within the electronics sector in a variety of PR, sales and marketing roles.

How to get good product reviews without paying

Sports stars and celebrities are often paid to promote or showcase brands. Watching a top tennis player holding a Grand Slam trophy aloft as the cameras snap, you could be forgiven for asking yourself: “Was he really lugging that chunky and expensive wristwatch around the court for the last three hours?”

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Do androids dream of a career in PR?

Ex Machina, Universal Pictures The recent defeat of one of the world’s leading human players of the complex Go board game by a computer equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) garnered a lot of media coverage. There was also much discussion and a revival of the debate over whether machines can – and will Read more...

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What Barbie can teach us about IoT security

In case you missed it, the news media gave a lot of attention recently to the fact that the makers of the Barbie doll have finally accepted that they cannot hold back the tide of modern ideas and must swim with it, introducing versions of the doll in a variety of more lifelike shapes (see Read more...

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How can an email cost you $1 million?

Or, more accurately, where can an email cost you $1million? Some of our better informed readers may be ahead of me: the answer is Canada. What’s more, for a company that figure could rise to $10million. That’s the maximum penalty allowed under a new set of anti-spam email legislation that came into effect on July 1, Read more...

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