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Benoit Simoneau is a business communicator with more than 15 years of experience in marketing and PR. As Pinnacle's in-house advertising specialist he is passionate about brand building. His background covers a number of different industries including technology and electronics.

Advertising in August – is it really a waste?

Conventional wisdom, in advertising as much as in any other field, does not necessarily hold true. Whilst we often base a number of decisions on anecdotal evidence and historical trends, it can be good to take a step back and re-assess our ideas. For example: is advertising in August – in the northern hemisphere anyway – a ‘waste of money’?

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Advertising ROI in a digital age part 2

In our previous post, we’ve established that advertising does work – even if it can be difficult to track results effectively. Advertising forms part of a key branding exercise. It helps prospective buyers gain knowledge of a company prior to even have a need for its products or services. It helps decision-makers form an informed Read more...

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Advertising ROI in a digital age

Traditional advertising, including the print format, can be seen as a drain on company resources rather than a investment. A few years ago Lord Alan Sugar quipped he had written many books about advertising: “…cheque books, that is," he famously said with a wry smile. In a fast-changing media landscape, gone are the bingo cards Read more...

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Electronica 2014: a look at some of the best marketing opportunities

In November 2014 electronica will celebrate its 50th birthday. For exhibitors, the show provides unparalleled access to decision makers with figures from 2012 showing over 73,000 registered trade visitors. In addition to those who attend the show itself, there’s a sizeable part of your target audience that won’t be travelling to Munich for any number of Read more...

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