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Andy Calloway is a content writer who's work history has spanned all kinds of industries, nearly all related to technology and science. He now provides digital marketing support to many of Pinnacle's customers to help them get a better presence on-line.



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Why you shouldn’t worry about Google updates

Google is constantly updating its algorithm to handle the different ways people search and the type of content they encounter. In order to stay relevant to an ever evolving web, they have to. However, every now and then they perform a major update that has some marketing agencies shaking with fear. These updates have been Read more...

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Great content is more than just words

Your business will live or die by its ability to get a message out to potential clients and customers. If you’re in the technology or engineering industry, you need to communicate with people in ways they will understand, in places they will see it. That’s a daunting task. For any business, what to do and Read more...

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Why you need to up your content game

The world is full of content, and more is being added every single minute of every single day. It's a torrent of information that the search engines have to deal with, but luckily for us, most of it is terrible and is now being ignored due to some recent search engine updates. The day of Read more...

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Another Google update that puts content in focus

There's no denying that the Google search engine is a spectacular achievement. Its ability to sort through vast amounts of information at blistering speed and index the almost limitless amounts of data on the web is mind blowing. There's is, however, still a significant problem. They know there's a problem, and with Google's performance to Read more...

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