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VP of Creative at Publitek, David was raised a technologist and now practices the dark marketing arts. He grapples the toughest topics and squeezes irresistible diamonds of strategy and messaging from them. He attracts and inspires creative and technical teams to execute powerful marketing programs.

Six lessons for running a Virtual Event in 2021

In February of 2020, the team at Grid Forward started to execute its well-defined yearly plan anchored by a number of in-person events. A month later, we threw that plan in the waste bin and started over. Like so many other organizations, Grid Forward went through the painful and uncertain process of figuring out how Read more...

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Publitek-led rebranding helps to energize a growing clean energy organization

Two years ago, as part of our commitment to a clean energy future, Publitek began supporting Smart Grid Northwest with digital and event marketing services. As Smart Grid Northwest has evolved to meet its growing potential and new market challenges, Publitek has guided the organization through a successful rebrand, and more recently a change of Read more...

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Five things tech B2B marketers can do now to be more effective during the COVID-19 crisis

They say "crisis" also means "opportunity." That can be hard to appreciate when the crisis is overwhelming, and people’s lives and livelihoods are threatened. So first, we at Publitek hope that you and your loved ones are staying safe and taking all appropriate measures to avoid the coronavirus. Meanwhile, many of us in tech B2B Read more...

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