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With a diverse background in B2B & B2C public relations, journalism and digital PR, Hajira is a compulsive content generator and always has her ear to the ground for the Next Big Thing.

10 tips for running a successful webinar

For many organisations, webinars are a fantastic way of showing off a product, offering tips and demonstrating your expertise on a particular topic to an online audience. It’s also a good way of making face-to-face contact with people and showing that you are on hand to offer help and advice.

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The rise of the machines: neural networks are slowly taking over

Human beings have long been awaiting the predicted rise of artificial intelligence. Since John McCarthy first coined the term at a Dartmouth College conference in 1956, the world has been enthralled by the possibilities – and dangers – posed by the advent of thinking machines with greater intelligence than humans. After recent advances made towards Read more...

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Mind the gap: building solid client-agency partnerships (Part 1)

Marcoms agencies are usually hired when a company recognises the need to do something it has neither the capability nor the capacity to handle internally. Growing pressure to maintain a presence in the digital arena is fast becoming one of the main reasons companies turn to agencies for outside assistance.

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