About Ian Clay

Ian Clay spent ten years as a technical journalist and editor before heading a technical PR practice with offices in the UK, Germany and Singapore.

A new way for deep tech brands to measure their PR impact

How to measure the value of media coverage is a question that the PR industry has wrestled with across the years and there are many elements to this problem. Should the circulation numbers of a publication be a consideration and therefore the bigger the number the ‘better’ the coverage? Or, in our world of Read more...

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Who won the semiconductor industry social media league?

The 7th edition of Publitek’s semiconductor social media report brought to light, as ever, some findings that for those of us involved in semiconductor industry marketing are worth exploring. It’s no accident that the top 3 performing companies – AMD, Qualcomm, and NVIDIA – all have significant B2C profiles and, as a result, follower numbers Read more...

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Should deep tech companies break off their engagement?

Since 2013 Publitek has compiled a bi-annual report that evaluates the social media activities of the world’s top 40 semiconductor companies. We have now released our first-ever report to provide the same insight for companies in the industrial automation sector. Having seen the initial numbers has led me to pose this question: Should deep tech Read more...

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Engineers Without Borders unites calls for educational reform to avert climate disaster

Despite the challenging conditions of 2020, Publitek’s pro-bono support for Engineers Without Borders UK continues and we are always excited and inspired by the amazing work that the organisation is doing. This month, Engineers Without Borders UK joined forces with its sister organisations around the world to call for reform to engineering education and professional Read more...

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