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With 20 years of experience in B2B, Jon is a CIM Qualified strategic marketer with a strong digital knowledge. His expertise encompasses digital strategy, SEO, PPC, social media, marketing automation and data analysis.

Identifying key industry influencers in B2B technology

In this article, we aim to give you an understanding of how to identify key influencers for B2B technical content marketing, and once they have been identified, what to do with them. First and foremost, as with any other communications activity, it is crucial to ask yourself some key questions in order to inform an Read more...

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New research report: How leading semiconductor companies are using online newsrooms

We have just released our latest industry report reviewing online newsrooms for the B2B electronics industry. For this report, we analysed 39 of the top international semiconductor companies to determine what functionality and content their newsrooms provide for visitors. Modern newsrooms need to work harder than just merely push out company press releases. They have Read more...

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Why semiconductor firms need technical content marketing

A key business objective for semiconductor firms is to have a design engineer “design in” their components into an electronics product. While the semiconductor market is likely to be dominated by the same top ten firms who receive over 51% of the business, the Internet of Things offers an opportunity for the next ten (or the next Read more...

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Using electronic product data sheets in content marketing for SEO

Getting your product chosen at the design stage is imperative to move from initial design selection, through design-in to design-win. You need to be seen wherever an engineer looks, at the time they choose to look, to ensure your brand is top-of-mind when that time is right. To do this, electronics companies need to use the full marketing mix - to Read more...

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Publitek CEO named in tech PR global 100

Bob Jones, Publitek's founder and CEO, has been named as one of "The 100 most influential tech agency PR executives globally" by the Hot Topics community of technology leaders. The community was asked to nominate PR executives based on their track record of building powerful brands, contributing to the success of clients, founding or being part of Read more...

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Online tool reveals SEO value of B2B electronics trade media

Electronics PR, or at least the media relations aspect of it, can play a vital role in boosting your website's search engine visibility, if you or your agency know how to best take advantage of the opportunity. In addition to ensuring your website is technically optimised, and has optimised content, your site needs inbound links from authoritative, Read more...

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Free LinkedIn analysis tool for B2B technical content marketing

Publitek has launched LinkFocus, a simple, free LinkedIn tool for B2B technical marketers, particularly those in the electronics industry. It helps you focus your content marketing efforts within LinkedIn by making it quick and easy to analyse over 400 relevant groups. LinkFocus enables you to then successfully match the most important groups to your products Read more...

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