About Jon Barrett

Jon has been working in digital marketing for over a decade and with technology for over 30 years. He even demonstrated the UK’s first online booking system to the BBC when he was 4 years of age. His expertise encompasses digital strategy, CMS and ecommerce websites, bespoke and mobile apps, SEO and social media campaigns, e-mail marketing, web analytics and conversion rate optimisation.

Is HubSpot snake oil?

As a B2B electronics digital marketer, I like HubSpot, and this post isn’t meant to be an attack on their service offering. In principle, what they’ve done is great for less tech-savvy marketers: pulling key digital marketing concepts into one nicely designed interface. I know of several electronics companies who in the last couple of [...]

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Is Google a threat to electronic component distributors?

Google is synonymous with search, and due to its overwhelming dominance, nearly everything a search engine optimising professional does is to ensure we comply with best practice, and avoid the penalties. One such best practice is the use of structured markup – using tags to define the context of content - which helps Google (and [...]

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Are electronics B2B publishers ready for the mobile revolution?

EDN is one of only three electronics press websites that is mobile responsive News is becoming more real-time, more social and more mobile. At the centre of these historic changes are personal devices - the smartphone and the tablet – that give more control to consumers. The BBC has recently released the results [...]

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Best practice for Twitter – a B2B perspective

Although still deemed as “fluffy” by many B2B marketers in the electronics industry, social media marketing is an essential activity. Aside from contributing to your search engine optimisation efforts, it is often used as a tool for keeping up-to-date with the latest news, and has the potential for distributing your messages far beyond the limits [...]

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How to calculate the ROI of PR

How to calculate the ROI of PR Long before I came into the technical content marketing and PR business, I was obsessed with marketing metrics. A contributor to that was reading Commonsense Direct Marketing by Drayton Bird and it's interesting that some of the techniques used to measure direct mail effectiveness can now be [...]

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The No-Nonsense Guide to Publishing a Magazine

To an outsider the world of print media can appear to be complex, with the inner workings of magazines often shrouded in mystery. However, understanding the mechanism of how a magazine is put together, printed and ultimately sent to the reader is essential for companies looking to gain positive exposure in the press through advertising. [...]

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Revealed: How leading semiconductor companies are using online newsrooms

For this latest report, we researched the newsrooms of some of the leading semiconductor companies. The report analyses best practice of newsroom usage, including: Discovery Content Distribution & re-distribution Social integration Subscription options Contact information Analytics The companies' newsrooms were ranked by their performance against each area of best practice, then an overall score was [...]

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Revealed: who’s winning the social media battle in the semiconductor industry?

For this latest report, we researched the social media activity, presence and best practice of the leading semiconductor companies. (Companies selected by gross turnover – main source: Wikipedia) The report covers the activities of each company on: Twitter Facebook Google+ LinkedIn Blogs YouTube The companies were ranked by their performance in each channel (number of followers, [...]

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