About Mark Herten

Mark heads up Publitek's German operations. In this position, he helps global tech companies to access the German market or German global players and Hidden Champions to go global with their marketing. He has a plethora of experience in technical PR and B2B marketing with an international scope and particular focus in the industrial engineering, electronics and automotive sectors. Over the years, Mark has worked with leading technology brands delivering original, creative and effective integrated PR campaigns. Please get in touch if you want to grow awareness and/or business in Germany.

What’s the future for technical B2B trade fairs?

Photo by Stephany Momon on Unsplash What’s the future for technical B2B trade fairs? For almost two years the Covid pandemic has been raging across the globe, with all the negative consequences that come with it, of which we are all too aware. One of the business sectors affected the most is the event industry. Had Read more...

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How Google’s evolution has changed B2B SEO

All marketers want their website to be found easily on the web and to rank well in Google search results. Website traffic helps fill the funnel and user engagement demonstrates the love of customers for our brand or products. Most marketers know about the importance of search rankings and about the basic mechanisms of Read more...

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