About Nevena Rasic

Nevena is an Account Director at Publitek. She has extensive experience in PR, marketing and advertising with a wide international exposure to the Italian, UK, Bosnian and German cultures working in several communication roles and encompassing institutional, cultural and technology fields. She is a passionate cook and traveller but always finds time to read a good book.

Bots: The new Apps?

Wall-E, Walt Disney Pictures If you are a marketing manager drowning in the four, seven or even eight Ps of your marketing plan, well, brace yourself… here is the latest opportunity that should (or shouldn’t?) be added to the overwhelming choices that can be factored into your marketing mix: Bots. Bots are text-based Read more...

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Is market research dead or reborn? – Part 1

The purpose of this short series of blog posts is to challenge whether market research is an obsolete discipline or if it is evolving and can still provide useful insights when defining a marketing campaign strategy. Hence the question: is market research dead or reborn? Based on few hints here and there, my personal answer to Read more...

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Desktop or mobile? The leads conversion dilemma for the manufacturing industry

Mobile platforms have transformed the way customers use the Internet for business, but desktop platforms remain vital for purchase decisions in most categories and especially in B2B and, more specifically, in the manufacturing industry. However the risk of thinking just in terms of e-commerce transactions is to miss a full range of customer-brand interactions through Read more...

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Embedded World 2016: A selection of marketing opportunities

February 2016 will see the return of Embedded World to the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre. For exhibitors, it’s a chance to reach more than 25,500 registered visitors in an environment dedicated to the development, purchasing, procurement and application of embedded technologies. In addition to those who attend the show itself, it’s likely that a sizeable part Read more...

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Impact of visuals vs. copy on digital campaign’s performance

The combination of visual imagery, branding, copy and calls to action (CTAs) in a well-planned content campaign allows organisations to attract, acquire and engage customers at each stage of the buying lifecycle – from prospect to long-term repeat customer – with the objective of driving profitable customer action. In terms of a digital campaign’s performance, data gathered by MDG Read more...

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How to unravel the buying journey for online B2B purchases

Digital channels have opened a door of additional opportunities for companies to target customers but the multitude of new channels has made tracking and managing the buying journey complex. An empowered customer nowadays researches online, asks friends for purchase advice and searches for independent and expert reviews. Before making an online purchase decision, he/she Read more...

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