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Rob joined Publitek in 2008 after spending six years in technology PR, new media and freelance journalism. Previously Senior Account Manager at two of the UK’s largest PR agencies, he has worked with a broad range of blue chip companies. His expertise spans B2B and B2C digital PR and marketing. Rob has a BSc in Genetics from University College, University of London.

Will wearables affect PR?

It's really early days to even be contemplating how wearables will affect PR. The market for such devices is tiny - Strategy Analytics states that 2 million smartwatches were sold (worldwide) last year, with the majority coming from Samsung. A similar picture can be seen in the UK with Kantar ComTech stating that 426,000 shipped [...]

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Death of Helvetica

A very quick post this morning... We do a lot of graphic design for our clients and typography is a key component of this. There's something endlessly intriguing about the small changes between each font and general rules on when to use serif (like Times new Roman) and sans serif (like Gill Sans). There's also [...]

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Building media lists for international campaigns

I still use a lot of paper. I have boxes and boxes of clips and web pages that I think may be useful in the future. This can include anything from an analyst statistic on the number of devices connected to the internet per second (100 by the way) to a comment in a supermarket [...]

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If it seems too good to be true…

It's a new year, which means a host of predictive and retrospective blogs and a metric shedload of posts on Facebook with resolutions and mottos for how people would like to live their life. I'm not (or not in this piece anyway) going to do a predictive blog so will instead focus on resolutions. My personal [...]

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Hiring a tech PR agency – unusual things to check, part 2

Earlier this year, way back in May, I wrote a piece on the benefits of having a scientific mind when it comes to PR. I stand whole heartedly by its conclusions that such a mindset gives you: The ability to understand complex information The ability to change tactics The ability to work with data and [...]

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Does PR need to change… again?

On Wednesday night the journalist Chris Edwards and I were sat in the hotel after the Elektra Awards. Publitek's clients had just won four awards*, including overall winner so we were celebrating and, never one to let the truth get in the way of a good story, giving highly exaggerated tales of when we've both [...]

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South Park’s Kenny and EE Times … the death of the press release

The press release is dead. Or so proclaimed Alex Aiken, the executive director of government comms, at a the PRCA's National Conference. This isn't really anything new and one of my favourite lines that came in response was Rich Leigh's one comparing it to the Jesus like Kenny's ability to be reborn. Now Rich [...]

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Do wire services help PR drive web traffic?

Selection bias can mean the difference between software spotting an enemy tank... or just a sunny day One of my all-time favourite anecdotes about selection bias (and, actually, in general) comes from the US military. It's probably an urban legend (I hope it's true) but back in the 80s the military was looking [...]

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Measuring PR’s effect on the business

Random number syndrome is amazingly frustrating. It's the ability to present information without any real frame of reference so it sounds impressive even when it isn't. It's used a lot in PR and marketing to make something sound impressive but in actual fact is a bit pointless. We've all seen adverts for face cream that [...]

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