About Robert Huntley

Robert Huntley is Chief Knowledge Officer at Publitek. Robert’s electronics career covered telecommunications, navigation systems and embedded applications engineering before he moved into IT sales and marketing where he held senior positions in the data storage and enterprise software industry. An HND qualified electronics engineer, he is a member of the IET, CIM and CIPR. A board member, he joined Publitek in 2006.

Who needs editors anyway?

Content generation and public relations have changed a lot since I joined the challenging world of marketing for deeply technical businesses 16 years ago. Back then, technical articles - the term ‘content’ came along much later - were predominantly created for editorial use. Now they are more likely to be used on a website Read more...

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Can AI write your technical content?

Artificial intelligence (AI) surrounds us all. AI, or more correctly termed machine learning, can be found in many different applications in your home, car, and workplace. Our relationship with machine learning applications started when we began to use voice-operated smartphone assistants like Apple's Siri or Google's Voice but voice recognition is just one example Read more...

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Social media drives the blurring of B2B & B2C into P2P

As a regular user of social media, mainly Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, I, like many others, have observed the increasing number of sponsored adverts and company pages working their way into my daily newsfeed. Sellers of financial services through to power supply vendors wish to engage me as a customer. Naively, I had hoped to Read more...

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