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A degree-qualified electronics engineer with a Diploma in Marketing, Simon has over 30 years of experience in deep-tech B2B marketing communications. Until its acquisition by Publitek in September 2016, Simon ran specialist technology agency Pinnacle Marketing Communications, a company he co-founded with fellow Warwick University graduate Lewis Tonkinson in 1996. In May 2017 he was named Publitek’s CEO.

Google+ hit, miss or misunderstood?

To date Google+ has 300 million ‘active’ users. However, unlike Facebook and Twitter, Google’s definition of ‘active’ users covers members that use any one of its services - for example, YouTube, Gmail and Android - rather than just Google+. Considering the significant importance the Google search engine places on content, and how current features of Google+ such as the [...]

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Identify a year’s content in just one hour

What's more, with the rise of the 'influential blogger', newsworthy material that allows this growing community to provide unique content to their followers is particularly critical. (Not to mention that the use and re-use of newsworthy content is at the heart of inbound marketing campaigns designed to grow web traffic and generate leads, but that's [...]

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There’s no business like show business…

Embedded World, Mobile World Congress and APEC more successful than ever - many more to come During the last month the Pinnacle team has been busy with preparations for numerous shows still to come this year, for example, we will also be involved in PCIM, Sensor + Test, MACH 2014 (one of the largest events [...]

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Adding gloss to your brochure writing skills

Persuasive language is required to command attention, engender credibility, drive product desire, and convince the prospect to buy, or at least make an enquiry. Many persuasion techniques can be deployed; for instance, by implying an association between the product and something already liked by the market, such as value for money, productivity or reliability. Another [...]

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Tailoring media messages to maximise story potential

In modern PR, one size does not fit all. Issuing a single media message to all and sundry is no longer an effective way of gaining column inches. Take the case of an engineering company wanting to shout about new capital investment for example. Yes, a generic press release circulated to relevant engineering and manufacturing [...]

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How to Make Content Marketing Work for Your Business

Content marketing - sometimes referred to as ‘value marketing’ - is an approach based on generating and circulating targeted content of sufficient value that it genuinely engages existing and potential customers. Indeed, successful lead generation and nurturing in the digital age mean that a content marketing strategy is essential for today’s business-to-business organisations. In essence, [...]

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It’s a fact, editors like PR agencies

A guest blog post by Steed Webzell, freelance editor across a range of technology-based titles PR agencies make life easy for editors. How so? Well, without any desire to portray editors as lackadaisical, somewhat unorganised individuals, the reality is that PR agencies take away the leg work. This is particularly true for technology, engineering and [...]

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Munich Press Summit Attracts Record Attendance

Last week editors representing 35 leading electronics titles from 9 different countries joined Pinnacle Marketing and six of its clients for the agency's second European Electronics Press Summit. This successful event, which took place at the Excelsior Hotel in central Munich on 24th and 25th October, provided a forum for presentations and announcements from distributor Conrad [...]

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Exhibiting at a trade show? Get the most from pre-event PR

So you have made the decision to invest a large proportion of your marketing budget in a trade show? Then it is probably a great idea to spend a fraction of that cost and get the most from pre-event PR. Exhibitions are probably the most costly form of promotion for any technology company, especially if [...]

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Pinnacle presents marketing strategy ideas at Silicon Roundabout

Earlier this year our very own Ian Jarrett had the honour of presenting to over 50 cutting edge start up companies. Hosted at one of Google’s facilities at Silicon Roundabout in London the presentation is part of a programme that is organised by the global company Tech Meet Up. Offering best practice workshops and learning [...]

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