About Simon Krelle

Simon Krelle is the Managing Director of Publitek in the UK. He began his career in electro-mechanical design before switching to business development, marketing and PR. For the past 18 years he has been working in technology marketing for global technology clients.

The hidden benefits of selecting the right technical agency

When you consider businesses that design, develop and sell engineering devices, products or system solutions in a B2B environment there are often three key functions that sit between the initial ‘blank sheet of paper’ (at the beginning of the design process) and revenues from sales. Those functions are: design-development, marketing and sales. For a business Read more...

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Webinar: How to replace the ROI from missing live events

How to prepare for a virtual event Simon Krelle discusses three activities that can help replace live event ROI - digital lead generation, media interviews, and webinars. Who's it for? Marketing professionals. No technical experience required. Speakers Presented by Simon Krelle, Managing Director of Publitek UK. Next steps Read more...

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How to align your marketing communications to the engineers’ design process

Within deep tech B2B industries, design engineers remain key personas due to their influential role in specifying products from component manufacturers and other suppliers. However, the way in which they interact and source information from companies before making a decision has changed dramatically. For instance, 20 years ago it was common for a design engineer Read more...

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Catching the wave of engineering innovation post-lockdown

The global pandemic hit industry fast, hard and unexpectedly. Formerly engineering was in an exciting and rapidly advancing phase across many sectors. In automotive, innovations were accelerating the progress towards viable and practical electric powertrains and autonomous driving. Across industry, automation and the IIoT (with resultant improvements in quality and productivity), were being supported by Read more...

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Reaching your target audience in a locked-down world

As you are all aware, the sudden and unprecedented impact of COVID-19 on all aspects of our work and private lives has included the cancellation or postponement of all gatherings of more than just a handful of people and, almost overnight, curtailed international travel. This has meant that the big trade shows, long-established as Read more...

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Re-purposing is key to B2B content marketing success

The value of content marketing through the many, varied and growing number of channels to reach your end audience is now widely recognised in the B2B technology sector. Effective content marketing is crucial in a B2B environment where potential customers now gather information from the Internet, via the media and through social channels, and only Read more...

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Young engineers wanted – Your country needs you!

The Metropolis 2015 Elektra awards Pictures of the 2015 winners Photography by Danny Fitzpatrick / Copyright DFphotography Christmas must be close when it’s time to head to the European Electronics Industry Awards – The Elektras – in London. This long running event punctuates the year and provides one of just a few Read more...

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The power of surveys in the B2B technology marketing mix

The fast moving world of engineering technology gives us the endless stream of remarkable products and gadgets we have come to take for granted. Businesses in the sector supplying components to the engineers and designers need to be incredibly proactive and innovative in their R&D and product development work to keep pace. But the value Read more...

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