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Sylvia Laws

About Sylvia Laws

During her 25 years in marketing communications, Sylvia has worked with some of the biggest brands in technology, delivering original, creative and effective B2B campaigns for global giants, such as Toshiba, Siemens, Panasonic, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Eaton, Hewlett-Packard, National Instruments and Bosch, across Europe, Asia and the US. A strong believer in the power and value of the brand, Sylvia encourages her clients to aim high in delivering focused, strategic campaigns that will develop their brand into one that attracts and involves their customers. A language graduate of Dundee University and the Sorbonne, Sylvia is also a member of the UK’s Enterprising Women community.

Is an influencer really going to share your tech content?

In technology B2B marketing we are spending thousands of dollars daily on creating content for our customers. There are many rules and guidelines available to us all from trusted sources on how best to do this: Be clear about your goal before your start – is this about qualified leads or brand loyalty? Be creative, [...]

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Centralising your tech B2B PR – can you afford not to?

We’ve all experienced the cyclical impact of the highs and lows of the economy on our business and ultimately during a low, the first thing to be affected tends to be the marketing and PR budget. Companies who have traditionally enjoyed bigger budgets and local PR agency representation in each territory they operate in are [...]

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Account Based Marketing: five benefits for B2B tech marketers

ABM is gaining attraction as the viable complement to traditional sales and marketing efforts. As much as 70% of a B2B marketing budgets went to ABM in 2016, and this figure is on the rise according to research conducted by Sirius Decisions. With ABM expected to be a major part of many brands' marketing strategies, [...]

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