Brian Fuller

Brian Fuller trades traditional B2B publishing for in-house editorial role

Brian Fuller is joining Cadence as content director/ editor-in-chief. Brian is the lastest in a long line of experienced editors to abandon traditional publishers in favor of jobs with companies in the semiconductor industry. Paul Rako, Joshua Israelson, Syvlie Barack and Ron Wilson are some of the others that have lept across the fence in recent times.

Anna del Rosario, Group Director of Corporate Communications at Cadence said, “Brian is going to be leveraging his skills as editor-in-chief of EETimes for many years; he will coordinate all of our content within the company to expand our audience.  Cadence has some of the brightest minds in the industry so we are going to tap into that.  As  a long-time industry expert, Brian will also be contributing a regular blog on”

Brian commented, “Cadence has been at the forefront of the ‘company as publisher’ model for the past 5 years. They had the initiative to hire EDA expert Richard Goering in 2007, well before others recognized the importance of content marketing. The disruption that we’re seeing in B2B publishing affords companies the opportunity to take their content creation and community strategies to the next level. I’ve worked with these people for many years. I deeply respect them…they’re fun smart and energetic.”