I’ve just heard a UK radio review of CES. Lot’s of interesting consumer electronic products were mentioned of course (here’s one they missed) but what struck me most was the  inability of those interviewed to give a decent sales pitch. Almost without exception, they blurted “we’re excited about our new……..”, then rattled off a list of product features, whilst failing to mention a single benefit that the object of all this excitement might confer upon a customer.

Business Wire has just done the same thing. They’ve changed their bankers. This means that I, and lots of others, have to log on to our banks accounts and change our payment instructions. I don’t know how many man-days of effort this will involve, but they’re a big company, so I guess it will be quite a few. I don’t mind, everyone’s entitled to change their bank from time to time. What really baffled me was the letter. I quote: “Business Wire, Inc. is pleased to announce some exciting changes that affect our banking information.”

Unless a mildly irritating extra piece of office admin for the week ahead can really be called exciting, this is a new definition of the word. Time for a call to the Oxford English Dictionary.