Or, more accurately, where can an email cost you $1million?

Businessman email conceptSome of our better informed readers may be ahead of me: the answer is Canada. What’s more, for a company that figure could rise to $10million. That’s the maximum penalty allowed under a new set of anti-spam email legislation that came into effect on July 1, 2014.

Now, it would be easy to make light of this and the reasons behind it – having the world’s toughest anti-spam laws could certainly make headlines (a bit like building the tallest building or longest bridge) – but it actually provides food for thought.

  1. How far can anti-spam legislation be enforced?
  2. How far is it fair to take this – should you have to seek written permission from existing customers to send even a request to mail them material?
  3. Will the law kill email marketing in Canada?
  4. Could other countries follow?

There’s no need to panic yet but, if you do actively promote to prospective customers in Canada, it is time to get some advice. This MailChimp blog provides a helpful quick overview but there is no substitute for taking qualified legal advice.

This author is as irritated by spam email as the next computer user and our agency always strives to ensure accurate targeting (spam email can only do harm to an organization’s reputation) but each regional market presents its own challenges.

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