At the start of February PMN reported that RBI Asia’s assets and brands had been bought by Ten Alps. The purchase included 10 titles 
 publications from the MFG & TEG groups in Singapore and TWC in China.

We have since learned more and understand that a second phase of the RBI Asia sell-off has occurred, this time to Canon Communications. Under the terms of the deal Canon has acquired the EDN brands and assets in Asia.

Towards the end of last month, we reported that Canon had purchased the US arm of four Reed titles, including EDN’s US edition.

In a statement Jeff Sprafkin, Canon’s General Manager for Asia paid tribute to the strength of EDN and said the company “was making rapid progress in integrating EDN into Canon…

[and] moving on opportunities [to] add new products to the EDN family in Asia”

Canon was previously best known for medical device brands and these have a strong presence in Asia.