Project Description

The challenge

Electronic component distributor, Mouser, identified a pressing need for procurement teams of electronics OEMs to gain a better understanding of the products they are specifying and buying.

What we did

We created a ‘Back to Basics’ buyers’ guide to give purchasing managers and procurement professionals access a comprehensive knowledge base that they could refer to whenever they needed information on a particular technology area. This would put them a stronger position when liaising with their engineering colleagues. Consequently, optimal component choices could be made that met all the necessary technical, commercial and supply chain criteria, with the specifying process made considerably faster.

Publitek’s content creation team produced a publication made up of colour-coded sections covering topics such as MCUs, data converters, MOSFETs, connectors, op-amps, thermal management, displays, wireless technology, touchscreens, etc. The technical depth gave enough detail to make it useful, but without being too deep for non-engineers to undertand.

The ability of the Publitek team to write on a diverse array of technical subjects and make the material at the right level for intended readers was critical to the success of this project.


Now completed, the ‘Back to Basics’ buyers guide presents purchasing staff with a continuously-expanding resource, and new sections will be added to it on a regular basis. It is currently being disseminated to the target audience through relevant media partners. It’s proving to be popular!