The challenge

Riedon has been a provider of resistive solutions since 1960. It provides wirewound, thick & thin film, and foil resistive products to industries as diverse as: Aerospace, Military and Instrumentation. The company required a comprehensive means of reaching all of these markets in a cost-effective way to drive traffic to the website and generate qualified leads.

The marketing team at Riedon Resistors tasked Publitek with a challenge that had multiple objectives. Publitek needed to find a cost-effective way of creating inbound enquiries and registrations on the Riedon website as well as supporting distribution channels with content that could be promoted through their own marketing activities, all whilst demonstrating Riedon’s expertise in resistors.

What we did

Publitek addressed the goals by producing an e-book, which would provide the basis for a selection of content, in the form of blogs and articles taken from each chapter, for the distribution channel. The book would also act as a true demonstration of Riedon’s expertise. To drive traffic and generate leads, the book could be hosted on Riedon’s website as gated content, where the person who was interested would have to provide their details in order to gain access to the book, thus qualifying the lead. Blogs published in trade media and mailers to rented lists would be used to drive traffic to this landing page.

The nine-chapter book was written to highlight the different resistor types available from Riedon, as well as examining the use of resistors within Riedon’s key markets. Publitek used the company’s existing content to form the basis of the book, editing and rewriting the content to ensure it was SEO optimised. During the course of the project, Publitek wrote 10 blogs from the e-book, each derived from chapters of the book. These were then offered to Riedon’s distributors to publish on their websites or placed with tier 1 electronics trade publications. These publications were specifically chosen to be ones that would provide a backlink to the landing page for the full e-book on Riedon’s website.

Image courtesy of Planet Analog

Publitek prepared the e-book for publication with Kindle’s self-publishing software. A press release about availability was prepared and distributed by Publitek, to notify engineers that it was available ‘free’ from the Riedon website, or as an e-book on Amazon. By associating a cost with the book, this encouraged more downloads from the website.

Image courtesy of Amazon

Publitek also arranged for the e-book to be promoted with a mailer sent by Electronic Specifier. The list chosen was 40,000 engineers who had specified an interest in resistors.


Publitek used the blogs to create a steady stream of content mentioning Riedon in tier 1 trade media between 16th June, 2016 and   7th November, 2016. This effect of drip feeding information about the e-book was then given a final push in December 15, 2016, with the e-blast. The final results indicated a 27% open rate of the mailer, with a 22% clickthrough rate (well above industry average), and a final download number of 525, by December 15, 2016.

The e-book continues to generate inbound leads to the Riedon website.