The challenge

Asigra’s award-winning cloud-based services were top rated, but their sales model was totally based on resale by managed service providers (MSPs) who bundled Asigra’s data backup and recovery technologies into larger suites of white-labeled offerings. While Asigra’s services formed the backbone for data protection programs in thousands of data centers around the world, only industry insiders had ever heard of the company. We were hired to fix that.

What we did

Asigra came to Publitek seeking to raise awareness of their brand in the marketplace and create differentiation and affinity for their services. We developed a comprehensive Brand Narrative program, strategically integrating news and media relations with robust content marketing, with the goal to tell Asigra’s stories in ways beyond the reach of traditional PR. To support the program, We developed an editorial calendar focused on key industry issues and the company’s product news, based on the development of creative assets—which could be a contributed article, infographic, case study, feature story, press release or other written or graphical content. Publitek placed this asset in the media then supported it with additional related derivatives: a blog post published on Asigra’s website; emails sent to the company’s distribution list; analyst and media outreach; and social media amplification on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook—all joining forces to drive traffic to the asset.


Our Brand Narrative program helped advance Asigra’s brand awareness and support its sales force with high-value marketing assets while increasing affinity for Asigra’s innovative, trustworthy brand and services. Over the course of a year, we wrote four thought leadership contributed articles and placed 13 feature stories, which were distributed in tier 1 enterprise- and channel-focused publications. These documents were also helpful to Asigra’s sales teams as they introduced the company’s offerings to prospective customers. We arranged 27 media and analyst briefing focused on Asigra-driven news, and generated 38 other media placements. Our email amplification of assets was particularly effective. Sent to lists as large as 25,000, the open rate was as high as 15.5 percent, with click through rates (CTRs) as high as 22 percent—the CTRs never dropped below 12.8 percent for any of our emails on behalf of Asigra. As proof of the program’s value, Asigra received multiple sales inquiries as a direct result of our brand narrative process.

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