The challenge

Toshiba is the only storage vendor that designs and develops both Hard Disk Drive (HDD) and NAND flash memory, the core components of Solid State Hybrid Drives (SSHD) technology. When Toshiba wanted to launch its latest SSHD incorporating leading edgeSingle-Level Cell (SLC) NAND flash memory, it needed an outstanding campaign that would really highlight the benefits of its advanced performance and large storage capacity – an offer unrivalled by its competitors. The campaign needed to deliver full page print and online advertisements that would reach out to Toshiba’s target audience of laptop and notebook OEMs as well as technically aware consumers who wanted to upgrade their existing equipment and recognised the competitive edge in Toshiba’s products.

What we did

The Publitek team put their heads together and created a media strategy that would saturate the leading IT publications and online channels. Publitek’s in-house creative team then took on the challenge of creating an iconic image and advertising copy that would really make an impact and would work on an international scale as the advertisement would be translated into German, French and Russian.


The Chelephant was born – a powerful image depicting best performance and large capacity, perfectly mirroring the performance, reliability and innovation of Toshiba’s hybrid drives.