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The Vital Role of Women in Engineering

Every year on June 23rd, we celebrate International Women in Engineering Day (INWED). It’s a day to recognize women engineers and empower them to amplify their contributions. When women engineers have access to the resources and support they need, they can reach their full potential, lead groundbreaking projects, inspire future generations, and become role models who shatter stereotypes.

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How IIoT is transforming career opportunities in manufacturing

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is changing the face of modern manufacturing. The combination of networked machines, sensors, connectivity and big data analytics provides engineers with real-time insight that can drive efficiency and reliability improvements across production facilities. Indeed, IIoT has reached a tipping point. Research from global technology leader ABB suggests that 93% of Read more...

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The changing face of engineering: 3 trends in the industry

Electronics companies have always had disruptions to deal with, everything from world events to technological advances, but globalization has made such upheavals more complicated and harder to manage than ever. Meanwhile, globalization has been almost as transformative for electronics engineers as it has been for the companies they work for. Distinct local, national and Read more...

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Digital communications: next gen engineers versus career pros

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, connecting with engineers across different generations demands a dynamic approach. With the current generation and the next generation embracing technology and knowledge sharing in distinct ways, understanding their preferences and tailoring content to suit their needs is crucial for effective engagement. Engaging the current generation through digital communications The Read more...

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Why aren’t more B2B tech companies using paid social media to target their customers?

Paid social media campaigns have traditionally been considered a B2C marketing channel, but at Publitek we think it’s time for B2B tech brands to reap the benefits too. The shifting media landscape demands a change in marketing strategy The rapid growth in digital media and social platforms like LinkedIn, WeChat, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube Read more...

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5 things to consider when introducing marketing automation

When B2B companies introduce marketing automation, what are the 5 key areas to consider? Demographics are shifting B2B buyer behavior. With increasingly self-guided research and buying processes, the pressure on deep-tech companies to ramp up and personalize their content marketing is growing significantly. Marketing teams relying purely on manual processes are struggling to keep Read more...

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Adopting AI in deep tech B2B marketing

The role of AI in the deep tech industry The near and long-term impact of Artificial Intelligence in all walks of life is a topic consistently in the headlines nowadays, and it seems a cause for excitement and worry in equal measure. The potential to assist, improve and expedite previously ‘human-driven’ processes is being Read more...

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The Value of Reputation in Business

The business reputation landscape has shifted dramatically over recent years to a place where transparency, authenticity, accountability, and generally doing good for both the world in which a business operates and for those who are invested in it have become vital to success. The need for a clear brand vision There has long been Read more...

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The role of Communities within Marketing Communications

In today's hyperconnected world, marketing approaches need to evolve to become more people-centric and relationship-driven. Gone are the days when end users were satisfied with being mere subscribers or entries in a customer database. Nowadays, they expect a personalized and engaging experience. According to a recent Salesforce report, a staggering 84% of customers say that Read more...

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