What’s the future for technical B2B trade fairs?

Photo by Stephany Momon on Unsplash What’s the future for technical B2B trade fairs? For almost two years the Covid pandemic has been raging across the globe, with all the negative consequences that come with it, of which we are all too aware. One of the business sectors affected the most is the event industry. Had Read more...

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The technological evolution of autonomous vehicles – separating hype from reality

  The automotive sector is betting big on driverless cars. Billions of dollars are being spent globally as companies battle to secure a slice of the so-called ‘passenger economy’, where people swap driving for riding. But the route to full autonomy is proving difficult to navigate. The major players face a range of technological, financial Read more...

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More job losses at AspenCore as advertisers bail

AspenCore, publisher of EETimes, EDN and other outlets serving the electronics design market, is closing its Boise, Idaho, office and consolidating the work to Denver, Colorado as part of a wider restructuring of the business. Sources close to the company told us that there will be around 20 job losses. Graham Kelly, previously VP of Operations Read more...

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WearTechDesign.com launched by Marjonmedia

New website WearTechDesign.com for wearable design engineers The owners of softei.com have launched a new website specifically for designers working on wearable devices.  The website, WearTechDesign.com, features articles about software, hardware, systems integration, wireless design and the usual industry news, as well as a blog that will be written by industry aficionado Caroline Read more...

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New B2B electronics and tech magazine and website for Finland

Finnish publisher Teknologiamediat oy has announced a new print magazine and web site. UUSI Teknologia is aimed at electronic design and development engineers in Finland. The country boasts a growing number of electronics start-ups, fuelled by the collapse of Nokia as a cellphone manufacturer and the thousands of engineers that had to find new things to do as Read more...

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