Interview with Dulcie Elliot

Happy Women in Engineering Day! We have invited Dulcie Elliot, part of our Publitek team, for a conversation about her experience working in engineering, and the importance of recognising the achievements women have accomplished in this industry.

Dulcie Elliot, Content Director, Publitek

Dulcie Elliot, Content Director

What is your current role and the most exciting part of your work in engineering?

As Content Director, I oversee and execute content strategy for various Publitek clients covering diverse technologies and industry sectors.

Various forms of workshops with key stakeholders of a client can help determine the content strategy and build a content plan that meets the client’s objectives. Content is not just an article explaining how a technology works or can be applied. Today, content can be pretty creative and comes in many forms, from an infographic or video explainer to a short social media post.

The most exciting part of my work is learning about new technologies and industry trends, generally before anyone else. One day it could be how battery management systems are evolving to improve performance, range, and safety in electric vehicles. The next day, how nanosatellites are changing the way we explore our Earth or how to apply advanced satellite-based navigation technologies for the precise location and tracking of livestock.

What does this year’s theme of International Women in Engineering Day, ‘Make Safety Seen’, mean to you?

After a bit of desktop research, the ‘Make Safety Seen’ theme stems from the exceptional career of a former secretary who later became president of the Women’s Engineering Society for her efforts to enhance electrical safety in the home. Specifically, Dame Caroline Haslett is credited for aiding in the development of shuttered sockets and three-pin fused plugs, both of which are still in use in the UK today. This year, we honor and appreciate the contributions of women engineers who work to ensure we are safe.

Caroline Haslett in her office ref. NAEST 93/08/01 (source:, Women In Engineering

Dame Caroline Haslett, courtesy of IET photo archives

How does diversity help the engineering profession at both an innovation and corporate level?

Equal representation of women in the workplace can have positive effects at all levels of any organization. The positive impacts it can have on team dynamics and leadership include improved collaboration and increased productivity.

Who is the female role model in STEM that inspires you?

The good thing is that a long list of female role models in STEM exists – and all inspire me in some way. Women engineers have contributed to some of the greatest innovations in history. The bad thing is that generally, we don’t hear much about their achievements – and that’s why celebrating International Women in Engineering Day is so important.

Celebrating the women of Publitek

Women are a core part of Publitek – making up 69% of employees across all our UK, US, and German teams! We are proud of their deep involvement and passion, and we celebrate each and every one of their successes.