The Christmas period means one thing to PMN. Sadly it’s not chestnuts. Nor is it fir trees and open fires. And alas (well possibly thankfully) it’s not turkey either.

Instead, it means the world’s largest consumer electronics show is approaching quickly and a ramp up in activity is needed, along with many a late night.

Client reports from this years show suggest it was quieter than in previous years. And that the recession did have an effect, if nothing else, the taxi queues were shorter than usual. And journalist attendance was definitely lower than in previous years.

That said, the level of innovation was exceptionally high. TV technology took centre stage with several companies launching 3D screens. And, for Publitek, some great coverage resulted. A few highlights from ProVision, a Publitek client that was exhibiting at the show:

BBC – Streaming HDTV through walls and 28 floors down

Sunday Times – A neat way to watch HDTV all around the home

Daily Telegraph – Watch Sky on your laptop anywhere in the home

Pocket Lint –  Wireless HD streaming coming to TVs soon

Now that the show is over, however, the mind is very quickly drawn to Mobile World Congress (MWC). When the recession hit, the 2009 MWC show was already paid for, flight booked and booths confirmed. So, there was much speculation over the attendance of the 2010 show. Would it be down? If journalist registrations are anything to go by, this question receives a resounding yes. Indeed, Nikkei is the only electronics title we’ve seen that is sending a raft of reporters.

And even reporters from Prosessori (Finland) and Elektronik i Norden (Sweden) are staying away, despite the countries’ vested interest in Nokia and Sony Ericsson, respectively.

After the show, for those who have not yet had their fix of telecommunications (or the Iberian peninsular for that matter), the Fibre To The Home conference will begin the week after Mobile World Congress, just a few hundred miles away in Lisbon.