Nikkei Electronics Magazine will reduce its publishing frequency from bi-weekly to monthly. Takuji Imai remains chief editor. The reduction in print frequency will enable the publisher to reduce costs but circulation figures are expected to be unchanged from 2013 level at 28,696.


Under chief editor Tatsuhiko Hayashi, Nikkei Automotive Technology changes its name to Nikkei Automotive and increases publishing frequency from bi-monthly to monthly. The editorial focus will be on technology reviews, innovation and commentary on future trends in the industry.  Print magazine circulation is unchanged at 12,000.

The editorial teams of Nikkei Electronics, Nikkei Monozukuri and Nikkei Automotive will work together to create content and articles that will be published on Nikkei Technology Online.


Our thanks to Publitek’s Japanese partner, Hitoshi Kasai of Miacis, for this information.