Every business wants to attract more web traffic, but it should not be all about increasing the number of visitors your website receives. It may seem counter intuitive but you need to be just as concerned with the type and quality of visitors you attract as this is more significant when it comes to converting these visitors into customers.

Targeting broad, general keywords for a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign can often result in a lot of wasted time and money as this type of keyword can attract lots of irrelevant visitors. For example, at Pinnacle, we once had a client who said they wanted to be ranked for the keyword ‘Windows’. We had to explain to them that this might attract a whole host of unwanted visitors who might be more interested in UPVC and hardwood than embedding Windows in to an electronic device!

So for PPC campaigns you need focused  search terms and sometimes negative keywords.

Not only that, but from an SEO point of view this type of generic keyword is usually incredibly competitive and is much more difficult to rank for.

This is why a thorough process of keyword analysis is essential before you begin any search engine marketing campaign and it is also why it so important to understand the value of long tail keywords. A long tail keyword is generally a combination of three or more words that make up a search phrase. Whilst they tend to attract smaller volumes of traffic than more generic keywords, they are usually less competitive and they often produce better results due to their more specific nature.

Inspired by our ‘Windows’ client, this video takes a light-hearted look at why choosing the right keywords is so important.